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Move your mouse over feature squares on the image
above to reveal that features description


Land on the Medi-Pack sqaures to boost your health meter.
Use nudges wisely to help complete the trail and achieve reel wins
Complete the trial to activate the feature. A bonus on position 4 can also aid feature entry
Watch for the name to go RED, this will make you INVINCIBLE
Land on the Cash squares to increase the cashpot
Health meter starts at 100 and when it reaches 0 the game is over
Land on a feature square twice and the feature will then become super
Landing on a combat square may result in you losing some of your health
Complete the trail to activate the the Super Tomb Raider Win Series feature
Collect all 4 weapons for a guaranteed win
Land on the Bonus Nudges squares to increase the Nudge Pot
Collect Items to activate the next stage of the trail
At the start of the feature the player has the choice to play the lapping game or to Hi Lo their way straight up the trail.